Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tie-Dying Easter Eggs

I don't exactly like dying Easter eggs. That makes me feel like a bad mom. But maybe you get it. There's all this preparation and mess for exactly 56.3 seconds of entertainment. Ugh.

So for the last few years, I've tried to find a way to make egg dying more active. We've done shaving cream eggs. And last year we exploded our eggs. Ok, not exactly, but the kids loved it. This year we tried an activity we're calling tie dyed eggs.

You need hard boiled eggs, sandwich zipper bags, paper towels, and food coloring. I LOVE ideas that don't require a trip to the store for special supplies!

Grab a bag for each color combo you plan to make. We used one bag for 2 eggs, so 6 for a dozen eggs. Dampen 1 paper towel per bag and put 1 in each bag. Then let the kids pick what colors they want. I did the squirting for my younger son. Deposit one egg in the bag, seal it up, and let the kiddos GENTLY a roll it around.

Oren is currently on a shirt strike. It has something to do with the Hulk.

The paper towel helps distribute the color and give the egg the tie-dyed effect.

When they decided their egg was done, I rolled it to the top corner of the bag and tipped it directly into the egg carton to dry. No mess!

Let me say that again in case you missed it. No. Mess.

Then we repeated the process with a fresh bag and towel. We used each bag twice just for convenience.

This approach kept the kids busy and the mess in check more than with traditional egg dying. No splashing, and more than 56.3 seconds of entertainment.

Enjoy! And happy Easter.