Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tovi is 6!

Our first-born, our imaginative Tovi is 6 years old now.  Amazing.

He starts kindergarten tomorrow.  He wants to wear his new Iron Man shirt.  He has a super hero backpack.  He's ready.

And you know what?  I am too.  If we'd tried to do this a year ago, which we almost did, neither of us would have been ready.  What a difference a year makes.  Sure, I'll miss his silly face.  His little brother will miss him too.  But like Tovi said, "Mom, I'll just be gone some of the time.  Then I come back."

Here are some of my favorite moments from our Tov-ster over the last year.  I apologize for the layout nightmare.  Blogger does not like it when I copy and paste from Facebook.

Tovi: "God created us, so let us play in the tunnel!"
Logical argument, right?

First day of school ever! Tovi, Pre-k and Oren, daycare

Tovi has a new habit. When he leaves a room, he tells us where he's going and cautions us, "You stay out of trouble, OK?" Does he maybe know us too well? 

I grew up LOVING the Redwall books. Thanks to the cartoon series on Netflix, Tovi is now a devoted fan too 

Tovi sang himself to sleep tonight: "Transformers! Robots in disguise..."

The first thing Tovi did when we got home tonight was find a dolphin stuffed animal in the play room. He explained, "Madison at school wanted a dolphin. Can I take this to school tomorrow and give it to her? That would make her happy." I love his thoughtful heart (and admire his skills with the ladies)!

Spider-Man did occupational therapy exercises while I fixed supper tonight. Glad he thinks it's fun!

These are the best I could get because superheroes bounce in fast-motion.(7 photos)
For a few weeks now, Batman has had a cold. Every time Tovi puts that mask on, be begins to (fake) sneeze uncontrollably.

I started bedtime with Tovi and Oren. I finished bedtime with the Red Ranger and Green Lantern.

And Tovi totally said his prayers as the Red Ranger. He prayed for the other rangers 

I'm working on Tovi's L articulation with him, so when he says a word wrong, I repeat it back to him the way he said it to prompt him to correct it. In response, Tovi now just changes the word. For example:
Tovi: They were wooking for him.
Me: Wooking?
Tovi: Yeah, they were searching. And there was a fwying monster!
Me: A fwying monster?
Tovi:...A monster with wings.

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I asked Optimus if he was ready to brush his teeth. He looked at me with all the "duh" a plastic mask can muster and said, "I don't have a mouth."

Later he prayed, in character, "God, please help me fight the Decepticons..."

I want to never forget moments like these.

Tovi's monologue tonight went something like this:
"Superman is strong. He can fly. He wears a red cape that wraps around him. He's from the planet Krypton. But Krypton isn't a real planet in our universe. God made the universe. Why is Jesus God?"

Fairly standard stuff.

Tonight's bedtime conversation with Tovi revealed his disappointment at losing a superhero race today at school. He said, "I didn't cry loud. I just cried quiet and water stuck to my face."

Next time you see Tovi, ask him what happens when you dump a squirt gun on a TV.

Tovi: "I don't like orange. It's too colorful for me."

Tovi: "I'm trying to read my mind."

March 18 near Garrett, IN via mobile

Tonight the boys and I discussed that not all heroes have big muscles, but all heroes have big hearts.

I have good boys. I am so blessed to be their mom

Tovi: I know how you hunt Easter eggs. You crouch down real low, sneak up on them, jump real high, and catch them!

March 28 near Garrett, IN via mobile

Tovi: So cows pee milk out of them?

March 30 near Auburn, IN via mobile

Tovi: Animals don't drive cars.
Me: Oh? I was going to have Grayson Kitty drive tonight.
Tovi: He can't. It's too cold.

March 31 near Garrett, IN via mobile

Tonight Tovi begged Nathan to read him the Gospel story, from the triumphal entry through Jesus returning to heaven. Then he retold it to me in great, accurate detail. Those are among the most beautiful words I've ever heard spoken. Hosanna, and glory to the King of kings!

March 31 via iOS

April 6 near Garrett, IN via mobile

Tovi pretends the controls of our electric blanket is a bomb. I tried to teach him the word "defuse" this morning. He liked the word, and announced, "Oren, I confused the bomb!"

A chilly, rainy day calls for MEGA TENT!!

If you didn't read that in a monster truck rally voice, you did it wrong.
 — with The Boys and Kevin.

May 6 near Garrett, IN via mobile

Tovi: "Wow, those people are OLD."
This is what happens when we go to PT at the hospital.

Later he saw two teenage girls and said, "Wow, look, cute girls!" Woah there, Tiger.

It's heeee-eeeere...

June 26 via mobile

Me: How long do you think we have until it rains? I guess 20 minutes.
Tovi: I guess 21 minutes.
Me: What?! Did you just Price is Right me?
Tovi: Heh heh. Yeah.

July 6 near Ladoga via mobile

Tovi: *cough-sputter-choke*
Nathan: Did it go down the wrong pipe?
Tovi: Yeah, something went wrong when it went down my asparagus.
Me: (trying not to giggle) You mean your esophagus?
Tovi:...Yeah. That

July 17 near Ladoga via mobile

Tovi: Man, this water's really wet.

July 16 near Ladoga
This is how Tovi's watching Merlin with us on Daddy's lunch break.

Photo: This is how Tovi's watching Merlin with us on Daddy's lunch break.
   We FINALLY had a rain-free vacation day, so we played at the pool until the boys were thoroughly exhausted 

Photo: We FINALLY had a rain-free vacation day, so we played at the pool until the boys were thoroughly exhausted :)
July 23 near Ladoga
      Making use of one of the tubs from the move

Photo: Making use of one of the tubs from the move
July 23 near Ladoga
          Tovi delights in the attack 

Photo: Tovi delights in the attack

So there's our Tovi in a year.  I pray his teachers grow to adore him as much as I do.  He's a special boy with a big imagination and a compassionate heart.  I love him.

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