Sunday, September 22, 2013

Personal Memoir Project

As last school year was drawing to a close, I was wrapping up not only the school year, but also a chapter of my life. I was moving away, stepping out of my job as a middle school special education teacher at the school I'd worked at for 8 years. I had a special year. My students and I had journeyed together from the fear of failure to the triumph of success. A talented aide and friend walked that journey with us. It was wonderful. So I knew I wanted to conclude that chapter in a special way. 

This was our final project. 

Personal memoir projects are commonplace. Kids write about a memory, tell a story about themselves, or write an autobiography. This project, though, extends beyond that to guide students through exploring their unique identities and sharing themselves with their peers. This project utilizes many learning styles and interests and assesses students' abilities in interesting ways.

This was a profound journey. For all of us. 

Here are some pictures of the Museum of Us conclusion:
This project would fit many standards and can be adapted from late elementary through high school. 

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