Friday, April 18, 2014

An Easter Egg-Speriment

Dying Eggs with Vinegar and Baking Soda

We've tried some interesting egg-coloring methods the last couple years. 

Last year we tried coloring them with shaving cream:

This year I saw this idea on Pinterest:

However, that idea called for powdered paint, rendering the eggs fun but inedible. 

I decided to modify it so we could actually eat the eggs. Here's what we did:

1) Boiled the eggs. 

2) Filled the bottom of cups, one for each egg, with baking soda and placed the cups on baking pans. 

3) Filled separate cups with vinegar. 

4) Tinted the vinegar with generous amounts of food coloring. 

5) Deposited one egg, still warm, in each cup of baking soda. 

6) Gathered the children. 

7) Gave each child an eye dropper. 

8) Regretted that choice and took the droppers away. 

9) Had each kid select colors and poured that color into the cup. 

10) Watch and listen to the wonderful fizz!

11) Gave droppers back to kids and let them play :) They dropped in more vinegar to renew the bubbles, mixed colors, stirred the baking soda, and made egg volcanoes. They were entertained FAR longer than with traditional egg-dying methods. 

(Notice the marshmallow filling from a chocolate egg on Oren's chin and the Superman cape around Tovi's these boys!!)

12) Return eggs to carton to be stored. 

We definitely had fun :) Nathan thought these might almost be pickled eggs, but there's no lingering vinegar taste. 

I love the speckled look the colored foam leaves!

What's your favorite way to dye eggs?

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